10 Most Underrated Anime You Need To Watch

Severely Underrated Anime You Need to Watch Right Now
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We all love anime right? But the best and worst thing about anime is that there are SO MANY shows out there to keep track of. Seriously, every other day feels like there’s a new anime to check out! With so much quality content out there right now, a lot of the best anime shows fly under the radar. There’s a lot of underrated anime out there and we’re here today to point you in the direction of some truly amazing anime shows that you should check out immediately!

Whether it’s the unique survival horror anime Eden of the East, the heart-wrenching afterlife examination Death Parade, or even Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo creator’s other fantastic show Michiko and Hatchin, all the shows on this list are severely underrated and deserve to be watched by more people.

Today’s video is all about the most underrated anime of all time. These shows are truly spectacular and for some reason, they don’t get enough credit. But hopefully that all changes today. Maybe this will inspire you to go check out a new show. You never know. It might become your new favorite obsession! So go ahead and check out our list below and be sure to tell us in the comments afterwards what you think is the most underrated anime of all time. And don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up once you’re done! Let’s get into it, right now!


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