I Date An Anime Character In Real Life

Hi guys, my name is Jenny. I’m 17. When I discovered the world of anime, it felt like home to me. But, unfortunately, there are idiots everywhere...

Two years ago, I had a boyfriend from school — Zach. He was very handsome and he took me for granted, while I tried my best to impress him. Sometimes he would ignore me for days and then tell me that I was overreacting… One night we went to a party. He was playing video games with some other guys. After he lost, I sat on the couch near him and tried to hug him. But Zach pushed me away in front of all of our friends and yelled at me saying that I should lose weight and get plastic surgery before hugging him! …No one stood up for me. I left the party in tears and stopped hanging out with that whole group.

After that night I felt very ashamed and depressed. So I decided to lie low at home and wait. To kill my boredom I started watching an old anime series — D.Gray-Man. And I fell in love with the main character Allen Walker right away! This guy had all the qualities that I wanted to see in my physical boyfriend… Every time I looked at his picture, I felt the power to move on.

So, that series became my sanctuary from humiliation and disappointment. I rewatched all of the episodes like a million times! My lifestyle changed. During classes, I couldn't wait to get back home to spend my time by the screen with my “real friends”! I started following manga and anime fan clubs and communities and soon I turned into an expert in this field. Day-by-day, my collection of posters, clothes, stuffed animals, and other cosplay items increased. I even started attending drawing classes, because I wanted to be able to visually represent my ideas and dedicate my art to my beloved Allen… My sketches looked pretty ugly, to be honest with you... But I tried my best! My friends from school told me that I had changed. But they seemed boring to me and I was focusing more on my new hobby.

One day, I went into the local anime shop. I had a brief chat with the seller — Nick — his colleague quit and he urgently needed a cashier. So he offered me mochi with strawberries and a part-time job. I said “yes”! Of course I did… I was sure that it was my destiny to work at this place! Nick and I talked a lot and became close friends quickly. He also had “virtual girlfriends” among anime and manga characters. Nick was handsome, thin, and gloomy, and I liked him! I had finally met a guy who shared my interests.

One Friday night, we didn't have many customers. Nick and I were fooling around and trying on various costumes… I could not resist and kissed him. Nick didn't seem to mind either. Moreover, he asked me: “What took you so long?”. Then he invited me over to his parent’s house. His room was heavily decorated with his “girlfriends.” I didn't wanna spoil the moment, so I said nothing about it. We watched some series together and it felt like home! After that kiss and that night, we began hanging out as a couple.

Nick took me to a party and introduced me to his friends. Girls from his group of friends were so slim and beautiful! One of them — she called herself Azumi — was wearing cute ears and colorful makeup. She took me aside and asked why my outfit was so boring. She offered to help me with my makeup and I agreed. I didn't wanna feel ugly and embarrassed among all those well-groomed girls anymore!

The next day, Azumi invited me to her place. I told her that I wanted to look like Nick’s favorite characters. Azumi gave me an endless list of prohibited foods, because I needed to lose weight to fit into the anime beauty standard. Then we dyed my natural brown hair pink. She helped me with makeup and contact lenses and I tried on several outfits. I felt pretty and confident for the first time in my life.

Later that night, I hurried up to see Nick and surprise him. He didn't expect me to arrive so early and his behavior seemed a little strange… Nick went to the bathroom and I clicked on his browser to turn on some music, but I noticed a tab with adult anime… Of course, I had suspicions that he was doing it, but… I wasn’t ready to discuss that at all. So I pretended that I’d never touched his laptop. Nick returned to the room and said he loved my style. He asked me to dress that way every day because he wanted to be proud of his girlfriend. Following his instructions, the next day I spent my entire savings on cute anime outfits, accessories, and makeup.

Four months later, my weight dropped to 130 pounds from 165. Nick tried to support me during that journey — he told me that I was getting more beautiful day-by-day! And yeah… my body looked thinner, but I felt exhausted.




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