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Stacker Upper - EP •

"No doubt, Lunice's 'Stacker Upper' EP is one of the years most anticipated debut releases. It finds the perfect home on Glasgow's LuckyMe, who're well known for breaking the likes of Hud Mo and American Men, and are set to rightfully catapult Lunice into your field of vision anytime soon. His crunked-up and fluently electronic sound has already caught the attention of Deerhunter, Diplo and The xx who've all propositioned him for remixes, but 'Stacker Upper' is the first proper unveiling of his agenda, confidently swaggering from robotic R&B soul on 'Hitmanes Anthem' to the ridiculously crisp riddim minimalism of 'Hip Pop' and ultra-fly 'Purpwalk'. As if that wasn't enough, Rustie dons his purple cape and flies in for a 12 cylinder progfunk remix of the slicked-out 'Fancy Forty', filling it with radioactive funk additives and stadium-sized riffage. Get that man a keytar, stat! This 12" is a lot of fun and we can imagine it soundtracking the dopest parties for some time to come. Don't miss!" - Boomkat Review

Released January 11th 2011 | Catalogue Number: LM006

1. Hitmanes Anthem
2. Hip Pop
3. The Name Dunnit Ft Troy Dunnit
4. Fancy Forty
5. Purp Walk
6. Fancy Forty (Rustie Remix)
7. Hitmanes Anthem (Noaipre Remix)

©LuckyMe Records
Hip Pop
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